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Table 1 Descriptions of materials used in spring mattress

From: Dynamic bottleneck elimination in mattress manufacturing line using theory of constraints

Material name Description
Fabric A woven cloth of organic or inorganic filaments
Mattress frame Mattresses are constructed by knitting spiral springs, which are made of high carbon reinforced steel fibre processed with heat treatment
Buckram A coarse cloth made of linen or hemp, stiffened with size or glue, which is used in garments to keep them in the desired form
Felt Nonwoven fabric made by stratifying thin sheets of carded wool fibers, which is processed under heat, moisture, and pressure to shrink and compress the fibers into a thick matted cloth that will not ravel or fray. The felt uniformly distributes the weight on bed surface
Foam rubber Light and spongy rubber which is used as a padding material in the mattress
Wadding Soft fibrous cotton or wool material which is used for stuffing (wad) between fabric and mattress frame