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Table 5 Absolute errors of VIM Lu (2007), CBM Caglar and Caglar (2009), and ECBM results for Example 1 with \(n=41\) for u(x)

From: Extended cubic B-spline method for solving a linear system of second-order boundary value problems

x VIM CBM ECBM (\(\lambda _{1}=\lambda _{2}=0\)) ECBM (\(\lambda _{1}=-1.0E{-}03, \lambda _{2}=0\))
0.1 3.30E−04 1.40E−04 1.30E−04 2.83E−06
0.2 2.51E−03 2.80E−04 2.56E−04 5.55E−06
0.3 7.84E−03 3.90E−04 3.60E−04 7.81E−06
0.4 1.66E−02 4.60E−04 4.28E−04 9.30E−06
0.5 2.77E−02 4.80E−04 4.52E−04 9.82E−06
0.6 3.87E−02 4.60E−04 4.28E−04 9.30E−06
0.7 4.59E−02 3.90E−04 3.60E−04 7.81E−06
0.8 4.49E−02 2.80E−04 2.56E−04 5.56E−06
0.9 3.09E−02 1.50E−04 1.30E−04 2.83E−06