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Table 16 \(L_{\infty }\) and \(L_{2}\) of ECBM results for Example 3

From: Extended cubic B-spline method for solving a linear system of second-order boundary value problems

n 5 21 21
\(\lambda _{1}\) 0.000000 0.000000 \(1.250000E{-}14\)
\(\lambda _{2}\) 0.000000 0.000000 \(1.250000E{-}14\)
\(L_{\infty }\) of U(x) 3.469447E−15 3.720357E−13 1.725009E−13
\(L_{\infty }~{\rm{of}}~V(x)\) 3.691492E−15 2.530308E−13 1.668943E−13
\(L_{2 }~{\rm{of}}~U(x)\) 3.634497E−15 4.367056E−13 2.930975E−13
\(L_{2 }~{\rm{of}}~V(x)\) 3.781487E−15 4.365110E−13 2.223093E−13