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Fig. 1

From: Is there any role for topical non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the treatment of mild to moderate musculoskeletal pain in a Lebanese community pharmacy?

Fig. 1

Patient’s enrollment and follow-up. D day, W week. *Oral dosage forms included: tablet, capsule and dispersible tablet. 302 patients were initially screened. A total of 149 patients fulfilled the inclusion criteria and were enrolled and followed up through phone calls or scheduled pharmacy visits. Enrolled patients were divided into 3 groups according to the route of administration of their NSAID therapy. Degree of pain, efficacy of NSAID therapy, onset time of pain relief, duration of pain relief and side effects were assessed during follow-up dates. At the beginning all patients used NSAID for 3 days, afterward the number of patients decreased due to withdrawal of NSAID therapy for many reasons such as efficacy, lack of efficacy or adverse effects. Topical NSAID were used up to 12 weeks, systemic NSAID up to 4 weeks and combination of both routes up to 10 days

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