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Fig. 4

From: OmpA signal peptide leads to heterogenous secretion of B. subtilis chitosanase enzyme from E. coli expression system

Fig. 4

Signal peptide cleavage sites. N-terminal sequencing of Nat-Csn and OmpA-Csn was performed by Edman degradation on an Applied Biosystems Procise 492 protein sequencer. Arrows indicate cleavage sites. Native and OmpA signal peptides are underlined. The first amino acid after the underline is the predicted cleavage site. The amino acid sequences obtained from the N-terminal analysis are highlight in yellow. For Nat-Csn the sequence was AGLNK; while the three sequences from OmpA-Csn were SAGLN (site 2), GLNKD (site 3), and AGFAT (site 1). Two short bars the overlapped between site 2 and 3

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