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Table 2 Estimated enteric methane emissions factor (MEF, kg CH4/head/year) using different methods for growing-finishing Hanwoo steers

From: Comparison of models for estimating methane emission factor for enteric fermentation of growing-finishing Hanwoo steers

  Methods for estimating MEFa SEM P value
Growing 43.4d 46.8c 57.1b 0.90 <0.001
Finishing 33.9c 29.3d 72.8b 0.50 <0.001
Overall 36.2c 33.5c 69.1b 1.39 <0.001
  1. aT2; the IPCC Tier 2 method (IPCC 2006), T2DMI; the IPCC Tier 2 methodology using gross energy intake estimated from dry matter intake instead of using the gross energy intake predicted by the IPCC Tier 2 model, JT3; The Japanese Tier 3 method (GIO 2014)
  2. b,c,dMeans that do not have common superscripts differ (P < 0.05)