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Table 5 Sitewise antimicrobial-resistance profile of E. faecalis isolates from River Gomti at Lucknow city

From: Multiplex PCR based genotypic characterization of pathogenic vancomycin resistant Enterococcus faecalis recovered from an Indian river along a city landscape

Sampling site E. faecalis isolates Antimicrobial resistance
Site #1 2E Ox,T,G,E,M
AE A,T,P,G,E,Te,R,M,Va
FE Ox,T,G,R,M,Va
GE A,S,Ox,T,G,P,E,R,M,Va
Site #2 4E A,Ox,P,G,E,R,Va,
HE S,Ox,T,K,G,E,R,M, Va
CE A,S,Ox,T,G,P,C,E,R,M,Va
G2A A,S,T,G,P,E,Te,R,M,Va
G2B A,S,Ox,T,G,P,E,Te,R,M,Va
Site #3 9E A,T,G,P,Te,R,M,Va
IE A,S,Ox,T,P,C,G,E,Te,R,M,Va
16E A,S,Ox,T,G,P,E,Te,R,Va
G3A A,S,Ox,T,G,P,E,Te,R,M,Va
G3B A,S,Ox,T,P,G,E,Te,R,M,Va
G3C A,S,Ox,T,E, P,G,Te,R,M,Va
G3D A,S,Ox,T,G,P,Te,R,M,Va
Site #4 11E S,G,E,R,M
17E A,S,OX,T,E,R,M
18E A,S,Ox,T,G,P,C,E,R,M,Va
19E A,S,Ox,T,P,C,E,Te,R,Va
20E S,T,G,P,E,R,M,Va
G4A A,S,Ox,T,G,P,Te,R,M,Va
G4B A,S,T,G,P,Te,R,M,Va
Site #5 15E A,S,Ox,T,G,P,C,E,Te,R,M,Va
21E A,Ox,T,G,E,R
22E A,S,T,G,P,C,E,Va
23E A,S,Ox,G,P,C,E,Va
24E A,P,E,Te,R,M,Va
G5A A,S,Ox,T,G,P,E,Te,R,M,Va
G5B A,S,Ox,T,G,P,Te,R,M,Va
G6A A,S,Ox,T,G,P,Te,R,M,Va
G6B A,S,Ox,T,G,P,Te,R,M,Va
  1. Antimicrobial abbreviation: Nx Norfloxacin, A ampicillin, Ox oxacillin, P penicillinG), M methicillin, G gentamycin, S streptomycin, T tetracycline, C chloramphenicol, E erythromycin, R rifampicin, Va vancomycin, Te teicoplanin