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Table 1 Biophysical characteristics of the six date producing districts in the tropical desert climate zone during 2012–2013.

From: Socio-economic characterisation of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) growers and date value chains in Pakistan

District name Longitude (E) Latitude (N) Soil type Average annual temperature (°C) Average annual precipitation (mm) Summer climate Winter climate
Jhang 72°15′00″ 31°25′00″ Loamy, clayey and sandy 24.7 180 Hot and dry Cold and dry
Bahawalpur 67°43′00″ 26°49′00″ Loamy, clayey and sandy 25.7 200 Very hot and dry with frequent dust storms Cold and dry
Muzaffargarh 71°04′60″ 30°19′60″ Loamy and clayey 25.6 127 Very hot with dust storms Arid and mild
Dera Ismail Khan 72°19′41″ 31°83′14″ Loam to clay loam 24.5 249 Hot desert Mild
Khairpur 68°45′26″ 27°31′50″ Loamy, clayey and sandy 26.9 178 Very hot and sunny Mild to warm
Panjgur 64°06′00″ 26°58′00″ Loamy and partly gravelly 21.7 109 Hot Cold
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