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Table 2 Characteristics of individual studies of GNAS mutation in patients with IPMN

From: KRAS, GNAS, and RNF43 mutations in intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm of the pancreas: a meta-analysis

Study Country Ethnicity Detection method Specimen GNAS mutation (%)
Amato E Italy Caucasian Sequencing Tissue 38/48 (79.2)
Hosada W Japan Asian Real-time PCR, sequencing Tissue 55/91 (60.4)
Ideno N Japan Asian HRM, sequencing Tissue 65/110 (59.1)
Kanda M USA Caucasian HRM, pyrosequencing Pancreatic juice 49/78 (62.8)
Kuboki Y Japan Asian Sequencing Tissue 82/172 (47.7)
Lee LS USA Caucasian Sequencing Tissue 8/19 (42.1)
Siddiqui AA USA Caucasian Quantitative PCR Cyst fluid 4/9 (44.4)
Singhi AD USA Caucasian Sequencing Cyst fluid 18/50 (36.0)
Takano S Japan Asian Sequencing Tissue 4/6 (66.7)
     Pancreatic juice 34/82 (41.5)
Tan MC USA Caucasian Sequencing Tissue 23/38 (60.5)
Wu J USA Caucasian PCR/ligation Tissue 36/49 (73.5)
     Cyst fluid 51/83 (61.4)
  1. PCR polymerase chain reaction, HRM high-resolution melt-curve analysis