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Table 1 Summary of randomized controlled trials of prebiotics for the management of chronic constipation

From: Intestinal microbiota and chronic constipation

References Subjects Intervention Comparator Author’s conclusion
Linetzky Waitzberg et al. (2012) Patients n = 60 (control n = 32, Intervention n = 28) Inulin Placebo Decrease the amount of pathological bacteria of the Clostridium genera
Bouhnik et al. (2004) Patients n = 65 (control n = 32, Intervention n = 33) Lactulose Polyethylene glycol Beneficial effects, an increase in faecal bifidobacteria counts
Li et al. (2013) Mice n = 40 Deshipu stachyose granules (DSG) Placebo Facilitating intestinal peristalsis and fecal excretion, increasing beneficial intestinal bacteria and inhibiting pathogenic bacteria
Li et al. (2011) Rats n = 90 Prebiotics (a combination of GOS, XOS, OF and inulin) Placebo Beneficial effects on constipation