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Table 1 Wealth-rank classification criterion

From: How to communicate climate change ‘impact and solutions’ to vulnerable population of Indian Sundarbans? From theory to practice

Sl. no. Wealth category Criteria
1 A (ultra poor) 1. Land less
2. Widow
3. No scope for rearing live stock
4. No agricultural land
5. Work as daily labor
6. Divorcee women
7. Solitary women
8. Capture fingerling in river for feeding their family
9. Only one earning member in family
10. Work as agriculture labor
11. Small hut for living
12. Reside at road side
13. Physically not fit to work
14. Reside at river side
15. Only having land for residing
2 B (poor) 1. Small land
2. Less income
3. More than 4 members in a family but income less than 1000 INR/month
4. Small land for cultivation
3 C (less poor) 1. At least 2 earning members in the family
2. Having scope for rearing live stock
3. At least 1-acre land
4. Sufficient land for cultivation
5. Family member migrated in other states for earning
4 D (others) 1. Service men
2. Pension holder
3. Businessmen
4. Large agricultural land
5. Well built house for residence