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Table 7 Sample list of words and their UMLS codes

From: SentiHealth: creating health-related sentiment lexicon using hybrid approach

S. no Word UMLS code
1 Sore throat C0242429
2 Heart burn C0018834
3 Stomach pain C1963242
4 Abdominal cramps C0000729
5 Dizzy C0012833
6 Increased blood pressure C2917273
7 Nausea C0549206
8 Weak C0004093
9 Moral distress C1828099
10 Diarrhea C0011991
11 Sleep walking C0037672
12 Dysenteric diarrhea C0277526
13 Weight gain adverse even C2911647
14 Heart attack C0027051
15 Heatstroke C0018843
16 Silent migraine C3203712