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Table 7 Association between sagittal malalignment and worse outcome

From: Does malalignment affect patient reported outcomes following total knee arthroplasty: a systematic review of the literature

Author Sample size Type of radiograph RAQ score Outcome measure Malalignment parameter Association between malalignment and worse outcome
Bankes et al. (2003) 198 SL Low risk KSS sFA, sTA No
Bach et al. (2009) 98 SL High risk KSS, HSS, Bristol score, NHP sFA, sTA No
Stulberg et al. (2008) 52 LL Low risk KSS sFA, sTA No
Longstaff et al. (2009) 146 CT Low risk KSS sFA, sTA No
  1. KSS knee society score, HSS hospital for special surgery score, NHP Nottingham health profile, sTA sagittal tibial angle, sFA sagittal femoral angle, LL long leg radiograph, SL straight leg radiograph