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Table 1 Quantitative animal based measures with scoring scale and definition (Welfare Quality®, 2009)

From: Interobserver reliability of the ‘Welfare Quality® Animal Welfare Assessment Protocol for Growing Pigs’

Animal based measure Score Definition
Body condition 0 Good body condition
  2 Thin: visible spine, hip, pin bones
Bursitis 0 No evidence of bursae/swelling
  1 One/several small bursae on the same leg or one large bursa
  2 Several large bursae on the same leg or one extremely large or eroded bursa
Manure 0 <20 % of body surface soiled with faeces
  1 20–50 % of body surface soiled with faeces
  2 >50 % of body surface soiled with faeces
Huddling 0 Pig lying with <50 % of its body on top of other pig
  2 Pig lying with >50 % of its body on top of other pig
Shivering 0 No vibration of any body part
  2 Vibration of any body part
Panting 0 Normal breathing
  2 Rapid breath in short gasp
Wounds 0 <4 lesions on all zones of the body
  1 4–10 lesions on one or more zones of the body
  2 ≥10 lesions on two zones of body or one zone > 15 lesions
Tail biting 0 No evidence of tail biting
  2 Evidence of tail biting
Lameness 0 Normal gait or slight lameness or abnormality in gait
  1 Severely lame, weight bearing on affected limb
  2 No weight bearing on one limb or unable to walk
Pumping 0 No evidence of laboured breathing
  2 Laboured breathing
Scouring 0 No liquid manure visible in pen
  1 Some liquid manure in some areas of pen
  2 All faeces visible inside pen are liquid
Skin Condition 0 All skin of normal colour and texture
  1 0–10 % of skin has an abnormal colour or texture
  2 >10 % of skin has abnormal colour or texture
Hernia 0 No hernia/rupture
  1 Small hernia/rupture
  2 Hernia/rupture touching the floor or with bleeding lesion
Twisted snout 0 No evidence of twisted snout
  2 Evidence of twisted snout
Rectal prolapse 0 No evidence of rectal prolapse
  2 Evidence of rectal prolapse
Coughing n Number of coughs
Sneezing n Number of sneezes
Human Animal Relation 0 ≤60 % showing a panic response
  2 >60 % of the pigs fleeing, facing away or huddled in corner of pen
Negative social behaviour % Aggressive behaviour or any behaviour with a response from the disturbed animal or any tail in mouth behaviour
Positive social behaviour % Sniffing, nosing, licking and moving gently away from the animal without an aggressive or flight reaction from this individual
Pen investigation % Sniffing, nosing, licking all features of pen
Use of enrichment material % Exploration towards straw and other suitable enrichment material