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Table 4 Commonly used unapproved pesticides by cocoa farmers in the study area

From: Modeling Ghanaian cocoa farmers’ decision to use pesticide and frequency of application: the case of Brong Ahafo Region

Trade name Active ingredient Main use Chemical hazardous class (WHO)
Sunpyrifos Chlorpyrifos-Ethyl Broad spectrum II
Lamtox Lambda-Cyhalothrin Insecticide II
Okumakete Thiamethoxam Insecticide III
Pyrethroids-Decis Deltamethrin Insecticide II
Fastrack Alpha-Cypermethrin Insecticide II
Polythrine Cypermethrin Insecticide II
Dursban Chlorpyrifos Broad spectrum II
Super 10 Permethrin Broad spectrum II
Consider Supa Imidacloprid Broad spectrum II
Kombat Lambda-Cyhalothrin Insecticide II
Aceta-star Methyl-thiophanate Pesticide/fungicide III
Topsin-M Methyl-thiophanate fungicide III
Condifor Imidacloprid Insecticide II
Thiodan Endosulfan Insecticide II
Sumitox Fenvalerate Insecticide II
Lambda-M Lambda-Cyhalothrin Insecticide II
Akatesuro Diazinon Insecticide II
Argine Aldrin   I
DDT DDT Insecticide I
Sumico 200 EC Fenvalerate Broad spectrum II
Confidence Chlopyrifos/Lamda-cyhalothrin Insecticide II
Buffalo-Super Acetamiprid/Chlorfenvinphos Broad spectrum I
Controller-Super Lambda-Cyhalothrin Broad spectrum II
  1. I = extremely hazardous; II = moderately hazardous; III = slightly hazardous; (WHO 2005)