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Table 3 Insecticides and fungicides approved by Ghana COCOBOD for use by cocoa farmers in Ghana

From: Modeling Ghanaian cocoa farmers’ decision to use pesticide and frequency of application: the case of Brong Ahafo Region

Trade name Active ingredient Main use Chemical hazardous class (WHO)
Cocostar Bifenthrin + Pirimiphos-methyl Insecticides II
Carbamult Promecarb Insecticides  
Akatemaster Bifenthrin Insecticides II
Confidor Imidacloprid Insecticides II
Fungikill Cupric hydroxide + Metalaxyl Fungicides III
Metalm Cuprous oxide + Metalaxyl Fungicides III
Champion Cuprous hydroxide Fungicides  
Kocide Cupric hydroxide Fungicides III
Nordox Cuprous oxide Fungicides  
Funguran Cuprous hydroxide Fungicides  
Actara Thiamethoxam Insecticides III
Ridomil Metalaxyl cuprous oxide Fungicides III
  1. II = moderately hazardous; III = slightly hazardous; (WHO 2005)