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Table 1 Observation instrument

From: Disruptive behavior among elementary students in physical education

Level of response/criteria Categories/index
Type of disruptive behavior Violence
Violence + disinterest
Violence + indiscipline
Disinterest + indiscipline
Violence + disinterest + indiscipline
People involved None
One person
Two people
Between two people and 25 %
Between 25 and 50 %
Between 50 and 99 %
Sighting of disruptive behavior Eye contact
No eye contact
Partial eye contact
Distance Short
Short + middle
Short + far
Middle + far
Short + middle + far
Student action performed inside the task Listening to information from the teacher
Performing the proposed task
Student action performed outside the task Talking to another classmate
Performing an activity other than the one proposed by the teacher
Using the mobile
Material Yes
Verbal behavior of the teacher inside the task Information at the start of the task or session
Giving instructions/orders
Information at the end of the task or session
Behavior of the teacher outside the task Talking to another student about aspects unrelated to the session
Marking work
Using the mobile or tablet
Reprimand Telling a student off because they are not doing the proposed task
Taking a student to task for disruptive behavior directed towards another student or the material
Telling a student off for cheating
Observational registering of activities Registering information on the performance of the students
Observing the performance of students
Counting up of scores
Preparation/collection material Preparing the material to be used
positioning the material in the task area
Collecting the material used
Handing out the material to students
Non-relevance Performing the task proposed by the teacher
Listening closely to the information given by the teacher
Observing the rules laid down by the teacher
Non-observation Technical