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Table 1 Statistic table of interest/motivation for participation in Baidu Encyclopedia

From: Creating the sustainable conditions for knowledge information sharing in virtual community

Interest categories/motivations Number of participants Rate (%) Questionnaire items
Enjoying 99 77 I Enjoy Sharing My Knowledge with Others/Sharing My Knowledge with Others Gives Me Pleasure
Altruism/Pro-Social Behavior 98 76 Sharing My Knowledge Can Help Someone
Reciprocity 92 71 Exchanging Opinions on Specific Topics is Good Sharing Knowledge Can Promote Mutual Learning
Recognition 83 64 I Like Knowing Whether Others Approve of My Behavior/Sharing Knowledge Gives Me a Sense of Personal Achievement
Enhancing Own Learning and Insights 76 59 Sharing Knowledge Can Improve My Professional Status and Enhance My Own Learning and Insights
Future Growth of Community 75 58 Individual Sharing of Knowledge Can Help the Community Continue to Grow and Evolve
Score 46 36 Sharing Knowledge Can Earn Me More Credit
Personally-Valued Goals 32 25 Sharing Knowledge Can Improve My Image (for Example, Honors) I Like Earning Respect by Participating
Others 6 5 Others
Max 99 77