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Table 2 The results of Spearman rank correlation analyses with the length of the operation used as the dependent variable

From: Anatomical factors affecting the time required for microsurgical subinguinal varicocelectomy

 Variable Correlation coefficient p value
Number of perforating ESVs −0.015 0.786
Number of gubernacular veins 0.119 0.032
Number of ISVs 0.431 0.001
Number of ISAs 0.059 0.286
Number of cremasteric arteries 0.082 0.140
Number of cremasteric veins 0.197 0.001
Number of lymphatics −0.028 0.611
ISA types 0.458 0.001
  1. ESV external spermatic vein, ISA internal spermatic artery, ISV internal spermatic vein