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Table 1 Performance parameters used in virtual machine live migration method

From: A three phase optimization method for precopy based VM live migration

\(V_{mem}\) Memory size of VM
\(T_{mig}\) Total migration time
\(V_{mig}\) Total pages transferred
\(T_{down}\) Downtime
R Memory transmission rate
D Memory dirty rate per iteration
\(V_{i}\) Volume of pages transferred at ith iteration
\(T_{i}\) Time taken for transferring pages at ith iteration
\(V_{l}\) Volume of Pages transferred in last iteration
\(T_{l}\) Time taken for transferring pages in last iteration
\(V_{thd}\) Threshold value required for last iteration
\(T_{resume}\) Time taken by VM to resume at target
n Maximum number of iterations
Temp array used TO_SEND_h to store historical statistics based on number of times page is updated