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Table 2 Amino acid composition of feather meal CFM, K6FM, K82FM, K6:K82FM and CMFM

From: In vitro and in vivo evaluation of protein quality of enzymatic treated feather meals

Amino acid (g/100 g) Treatment
Alanine 3.78a 4.05c 4.43e 4.23d 4.01b
Arginine 5.61a 5.84b 6.34e 6.29d 6.06c
Aspartic acid 4.91a 4.95b 5.74e 5.46d 5.16c
Cystine 3.85b 4.03c 4.56e 4.19d 3.48a
Glutamic acid 8.95a 8.98a 10.26d 9.84c 9.74b
Glycine 6.83a 7.43b 7.92e 7.75d 7.54c
Histidine 0.82a 0.89c 0.84ab 0.86bc 0.89c
Hydroxyproline 0.18c 0.15bc 0.11a 0.15bc 0.13ab
Isoleucine 3.35b 3.31a 3.61c 3.64c 3.93d
Leucine 6.18a 6.38b 7.12d 7.03c 7.24e
Lysine 1.91a 1.88a 1.95b 1.97b 2.03c
Methionine 0.56a 0.56a 0.61b 0.67c 0.56a
Phenylalanine 3.48b 3.51b 4.24d 3.37a 3.64c
Proline 8.46a 9.07b 9.91d 9.72c 10.27e
Serine 9.75a 10.10b 11.62e 11.30d 10.59c
Threonine 3.81a 3.94b 4.39e 4.31d 4.18c
Tryptophan 0.57a 0.70b 0.77c 0.77c 0.68b
Tyrosine 0.86a 0.92bc 0.90b 0.95cd 0.98d
Valine 4.45b 4.41a 4.78c 4.79c 5.14d
Total amino acids 78.31 81.10 89.65 87.29 86.25
  1. CFM = non-enzymatically treated feather meal; K6FM = K6 keratinase treated feather meal; K82FM = K82 keratinase treated feather meal; K6:K82FM = K6and K82 keratinase (5:1) treated feather meal; and CMFM = commercial enzyme treated feather meal
  2. a,b,c,d,eMeans within a row with different superscripts differ significantly (P < 0.05)