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Table 1 Proximate composition and pepsin digestibility of feather meal CFM, K6FM, K82FM, K6:K82FM and CMFM

From: In vitro and in vivo evaluation of protein quality of enzymatic treated feather meals

Treatment Fat ball (kg) Crude fat (%) Crude protein (%) Ash (%) Moisture (%) Energy (Cal/100 g) Pepsin digestibility (%)
CFM 204a 11.3a 81.4c 2.46a 2.14d 438a 70a
K6FM 186c 9.55c 80.6c 2.14b 5.38a 418c 60c
K82FM 115e 7.4e 88.6a 1.52d 1.25e 426b 61c
K6:K82FM (5:1) 192b 8.27d 84.9b 2.0c 3.11b 421c 63b
CMFM (commercial) 130d 11.5b 81.4c 1.95c 2.82c 438a 68a
  1. CFM = non-enzymatically treated feather meal; K6FM = K6 keratinase treated feather meal; K82FM = K82 keratinase treated feather meal; K6:K82FM = K6and K82 keratinase (5:1) treated feather meal; and CMFM = commercial enzyme treated feather meal
  2. a,b,c,d,eMeans within a column with different superscripts differ significantly (P < 0.05)