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Table 2 Variables and values used in simulation model

From: A simulation study of the impact of the public–private partnership strategy on the performance of transport infrastructure

Module Variables Values
General Start year 2005
  End year 2014
FN Design speed: low 100 km/h
  Design speed: middle 110 km/h
  Design speed: high 120 km/h
  Traffic capacity: low-speed 2000 pcphpl
  Traffic capacity: mid-speed 2200 pcphpl
  Traffic capacity: high-speed 2400 pcphpl
Travel demand prediction a 0.005
  b 1.6–2.8 (depending on the sample data)
  θ 0.5
Project evaluation Evaluation time horizon 10 years
  Discount rate 5 %
  Traveler value of time ¥ 50/h
  Peak-hour traffic in peak direction 65 %
  Ratio of traffic in peak hour 13.5 %