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Fig. 3

From: Travelling wave analysis in chemotaxis: case of starvation

Fig. 3

Distribution of cells (first row) and non-diffusing signal (second row) in the absence of chemotaxis (with the parameters set as follows: \(c=10\,\upmu \hbox {m/s}\), \(c_{2}=-\gamma =-0.05/\hbox {s}\), \(N(0)=1\) and \(S_{1}(0)=0.1\)). a (\(\alpha _{0}=0.6\), \(\lambda _{0}=0.3\)), b (\(\alpha _{0}=0.9\), \(\lambda _{0}=0.1\)), c (\(\alpha _{0}=0.6\), \(\lambda _{0}=0.31\)), d (\(\alpha _{0}=0.6\), \(\lambda _{0}=0.3\)), e (\(\alpha _{0}=0.9\), \(\lambda _{0}=0.1\)), f (\(\alpha _{0}=0.6\), \(\lambda _{0}=0.31\))

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