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Fig. 3

From: Orally administered β-glucan attenuates the Th2 response in a model of airway hypersensitivity

Fig. 3

Effect of oral administration of WGP on BALF cells in OVA-challenged mice. Cell numbers (a) and percentages (b) in BALFs from OVA-challenged mice fed with PBS or WGP. Graphs display mean ± SEM from 4 independent experiments, n = 19/group. c MPO Activity in BALF. Graph displays mean ± SEM from 5 independent experiments (n = 21–22/group). d EPO levels in BALF. Graph displays mean ± SEM from 3 independent experiments (n = 15/group). ad *p < 0.05 (Student’s t test). e Graphs display correlation between number of eosinophils and number of neutrophils or macrophages present in BALF

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