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Table 4 Time to convergence

From: Newton–Raphson preconditioner for Krylov type solvers on GPU devices

m = 3 m = 5 m = 7 m = 10 m = 3 m = 5 m = 7 m = 10
GR_30_30 5.14E−02 1.50E−02 4.07E−02 3.43E−02 4.86E−02 5.73E−02 1.40E−02 1.56E−02 1.56E−02 1.56E−02
BCSSTK14 2.95E+00 NA 2.02E+00 1.97E+00 2.01E+00 2.54E+00 7.55E−01 9.60E−01 9.83E−01 1.15E+00
BCSSTK15 NA NA 1.44E+01 2.00E+01 1.73E+01 NA 5.46E+00 5.29E+00 8.97E+00 NA
RDB450 NA NA 1.33E+01 1.46E+01 1.27E+01 NA 2.06E+00 3.01E+00 3.30E+00 4.94E+00
  1. In the table, e.g. 5.14E−02 means \(5.14 \times 10^{-2}\) s. NA denotes the preconditioned GCR doesn’t converge within 150,000 iterations, and m denotes the number of previous iterations to be taken into consideration