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Table 1 Enumeration of differentiating points between keratoglobus, anterior megalophthalmos and buphthalmos

From: Keratoglobus: a close entity to megalophthalmos

  Keratoglobus Anterior megalophthalmos Buphthalmos/infantile glaucoma
Inheritance No definite pattern X-linked recessive Sporadic
Age of presentation Puberty Congenital First year of life
Natural History Progressive Non-progressive Progressive
Symptoms Frequent change of glasses Variable and nonspecific Watering, photophobia
Intra ocular pressure (IOP) Normal Normal Elevated
Corneal diameter >13mm; symmetric with increased WTW diameter >13mm; symmetric Variable, depends upon severity of glaucoma
Axial length Increased axial length Normal Increased axial length
Iris Iridodonesis ± Iridodonesis; iris stromal hypoplasia Normal with high insertion
Optic disc Usually normal Normal with increased propensity for glaucoma Cup:disc ratio increased
Treatment Refractive error correction and keratoplasty in advanced cases Refractive errors correction Control of IOP (medically/surgically)