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Table 6 Perceptions of infrequent customers towards trendy coffee café

From: What matters to infrequent customers: a pragmatic approach to understanding perceived value and intention to revisit trendy coffee café

Themes Codes Selected quotes from transcripts
Product quality
Coffee quality
Product quality
“The coffee and food are nice but I think it is way too expensive”
“I still prefer Kopi O (coffee without milk at local coffee café). I find the coffee there (trendy coffee café) good but not fragrant enough, and not suit my taste”
Service quality
Staff performance
Amount of service
“The people there are nice, and they usually communicate politely”
  “They don’t really offer much service…”
“I find them to be patient when I took some time to consider what to drink at one time”
Experience quality
“I don’t often go there but I have good impression on the soothing atmosphere”
Purpose of usage “It’s a nice place to meet people. I might consider having informal discussions there”
Unclassified Convenience “There is no Starbucks, Coffee Beans or Bing Coffee at my hometown… that’s why I can only go there once a while”
Normative influence “Some of my friends usually ask me to meet up there. So I go there sometimes”
Economic condition “Budget is tight and our economy is not doing so well… I will only go there if I have extra money”