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Table 4 LTST method and pasteurization survivors designated by sampling location

From: The effect of a novel low temperature-short time (LTST) process to extend the shelf-life of fluid milk

Organism Sample location within treatment
Paracoccus spp. S3 Post-pasteurization
Pseudomonas stutzeri strain M16-9-4 Post-pasteurization
Pseudomonas fragi Post-pasteurization
Pseudomonas fluorescens strain TCA3 Post-pasteurization
Pseudomonas spp. MC1 Post-pasteurization
Pseudomonas brassicacearum Post-pasteurization
Pseudomonas spp. 11BF10 Post-pasteurization
Pseudomonas spp. T7A Post-pasteurization
Microbacterium oxydans strain N3 Post-pasteurization
Bacillus subtilis strain 10010 Post-pasteurization
Klebsiella pneumoniae strain RDS7 Post-pasteurization
Achromobacter xylosoxidans strain PRE8 Post-pasteurization
Pseudomonas fluorescens strain V7c10 Post-pasteurization
Bacillus pumilus strain J2RP2 Post-pasteurization + MST
Bacillus pumilus strain L17 Post-pasteurization + MST
Bacilllus pumilus strain Znu-110 Post-pasteurization + MST
Bacillus spp. A111 Post-pasteurization + MST
Bacillus stratosphericus strain S6 Post-pasteurization + MST
Bacillus altitudinis strain KtMA2-6 Post-pasteurization + MST
Paenibacillus favisporus Post-pasteurization + MST
Paenibacillus spp. JSC-N3-214-3 Post-pasteurization + MST