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Table 1 A review of fuzzy TOPSIS method used and applied in environmental application fields

From: Multi-criteria decision support framework for sustainable implementation of effective green supply chain management practices

Researcher (year) Modeling techniques used Issues addressed
Büyüközkan and Çifçi (2012) Fuzzy DEMATEL, fuzzy ANP and fuzzy TOPSIS Evaluate green suppliers
Shen et al. (2013) Fuzzy TOPSIS Evaluating green supplier’s performance in GSC
Bas (2013) SWOT-fuzzy TOPSIS methodology combined with AHP Analysis of electricity supply chain
Govindan et al. (2013) Fuzzy TOPSIS Measuring sustainability performance of a supplier
Taylan et al. (2014) Fuzzy AHP and fuzzy TOPSIS Construction projects selection and risk assessment
Mangla et al. (2015) Fuzzy AHP and fuzzy TOPSIS Prioritize the responses of risks in GSC
Tyagi et al. (2015) Fuzzy TOPSIS Improve Performance of GSCM System
Kusi-Sarpong et al. (2015) Rough set theory elements and fuzzy TOPSIS GSC practices evaluation in the mining industry
Lima-Junior and Carpinetti (2016) SCOR metrics and fuzzy TOPSIS Aid supplier evaluation and management
Wood (2016) Fuzzy and intuitionistic fuzzy TOPSIS Supplier selection