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Table 2 Interpretation of specific variables

From: Multidimensional poverty measure and analysis: a case study from Hechi City, China

Variable name


Recall achievement data matrix-Y

Y (n × d), used to store the indicator information of households, n represents the number of the individuals, and d represents the number of the indicators

Censored deprivation matrix-g 0

g 0 (n × d), used to store the identified situation of poor households being deprived. If one household is deprived in the given indicator, assigning 1, otherwise, 0

Deprivation cutoff-Z

By which to determine whether one household is poor or not from the view of a certain indicator

Poverty cutoff-K

By which to determine whether the households are in multidimensional poverty or not, i.e., if the number of indicators that one household is deprived is greater than that K, then it can be considered that the household is under K- multidimensional poverty

Multidimensional headcount ratio-H

The ratio of multidimensional poverty population to the total population, seeing the formula: H = q/n, where, q represents the multidimensional poverty population; n indicates the total population of the region

Average deprivation share among the poor-A

The average number of multidimensional poverty population, also called Intensity of multidimensional poverty deprivation, seeing the formula: \(A = \frac{{\sum\nolimits_{i = 1}^{n} {c_{i} (k)} }}{q}\) where, c i (k) indicates that the number of indicators that individual i is deprived in the case of poverty threshold k; q denotes the multidimensional poverty population

Multidimensional Poverty Index-MPI

The comprehensive index of the poverty degree in the given region, obtained by the formula: MPI = H * A

Indicator contribution-C

The contribution of an indicator to MPI, and its calculation formula is \(C = \frac{{w_{i} CH_{i} }}{MPI}*100\), where, CH i represents the deprivation ratio of indicator i, w i represents the weight value of the index i

Indicator deprivation ratio-X

The ratio of the population with a deprived indicator to the total population