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Table 2 Decision making approaches applied to landfill location selection

From: Comparison of fuzzy AHP and fuzzy TODIM methods for landfill location selection

Approach Method(s) Proposed by
Single method AHP Uyan (2013)
   Tavares et al. (2011)
   El Baba et al. (2015)
  TOPSIS Yal and Akgün (2013)
  ANP Afzali et al. (2014)
Combined method Fuzzy AHP Donevska et al. (2011)
  Fuzzy AHP and fuzzy TOPSIS Beskese et al. (2015)
  AHP- WLC Shahabi et al. (2013)
  AHP-TOPSIS Demesouka et al. (2013)
  Fuzzy VIKOR Liu et al. (2014a, b)
  AHP-OWA Gorsevski et al. (2012)
  Fuzzy ANP Isalou et al. (2012)
  AHP/fuzzy-TOPSIS Önüt and Soner (2008)
  Pires et al. (2011)