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Table 10 Difference between the average speed in different weather conditions (rain, snow) and the average speed in clear weather for the same road, month, and light condition (daylight, darkness, twilight)

From: Effects of weather conditions, light conditions, and road lighting on vehicle speed

Weather Light cond. Road lighting Speed − speed in clear weather conditions
Rain Darkness No lighting −1.5
Snow Darkness No lighting −6.4
Rain Twilight No lighting −1.1
Snow Twilight No lighting −3.8
Rain Daylight No lighting −0.7
Snow Daylight No lighting −2.5
Rain Darkness Lighting 0.1
Snow Darkness Lighting −1.4
Rain Twilight Lighting 0.0
Snow Twilight Lighting −2.5
Rain Daylight Lighting −0.4
Snow Daylight Lighting −1.7
  1. Difference in km/h. Differences are shown for different light conditions and for roads with/without road lighting