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Table 1 Demographic and clinical features of eight patients with linear headache (LH)

From: Linear headache: clinical characteristics of eight new cases

  Patient no.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Sex Female Female Female Male Female Male Female Female
Age (years) 74 54 40 46 46 37 64 32
Age at onset (years) 73 34 20 45 46 35 64 32
Other headaches None None None None None None Migraine None
LH paroxysms
Side of LH Left Right Right and left shift Right Left Left Left Left
Headache area Occipital–forehead Occipital–nasion Occipital–nasion Occipital–forehead Occipitocervical–nasion Occipitocervical–nasion Occipitocervical–forehead Occipital–nasion
Durationb 1 h 1 day 1–2 days Persistent and episodic worsening (1–3 h) Persistent and episodic worsening (2–3 h) 1 h 2–3 h Half day
Character Pressure-like and pulsating Distending and aching pain Indescribable Distending Pulsating Pulsating Pulsating Distending
Intensitya 6–7 7–8 6–7 7–8 6–7 7–9 7–8 7–8
Acompaniments Nause None Awareness of defecation Ipsilateral temporal mild pain Diziness and bilateral temporal mild pain Left temporal mild pain None Diziness and nause
Frequency 1/2–3 days 2–3/month to 1/2–3 months 1–2/month 1/dayc 1/dayc 1–2/month to 1/day 1/day 1/day
Triggering factors Menstruation Noise and bright light Noise, resting after physical activity Fatigue
Interictal symptoms None None None None None None
Temporal pattern Chronic Chronic Chronic Chronic With remission
Length of symptomatic period 1 year 20 years 20 years 6 months 1 month 2.5 years 1 month Half month
Medicine Flunarizine and Venlafaxine Flunarizine and Venlafaxine Sodium valproate and flunarizine Sodium valproate and flunarizine; Venlafaxine and pregabalin Sodium valproate Flunarizine Flunarizine Flunarizine
Response Recurrence prevented Frequency and intensity reduced Non-menstral pain prevented and menstral pain unchanged LH pain prevented and the Occipitocervical point pain unchanged Recurrence prevented Recurrence prevented Frequency and intensity reduced Recurrence prevented
  1. − not applicable
  2. aVisual Analogical Scale, 0 = no pain; 10 = the worst pain imaginable
  3. bHalf day, 3–10 h; One day, 10–24 h
  4. cThis frequency of 1/day means 1 time pain worsening per day