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Fig. 1

From: cMET inhibitor crizotinib impairs angiogenesis and reduces tumor burden in the C3(1)-Tag model of basal-like breast cancer

Fig. 1

HFD accelerated tumor latency but reduced tumor burden, while crizotinib treatment blunted tumor burden regardless of diet. a Tumor latency was reported as age at detection of the first palpable tumor (LFD median 17.3 weeks, N = 24; HFD median 15.5 weeks, N = 22; P < 0.0001). b Body composition was measured at diet start, tumor latency (week 0 of crizotinib), 1.5 weeks on crizotinib treatment, and 3 weeks on crizotinib treatment (at sacrifice). c Gonadal fat pad mass was weighed at sacrifice (LFD vs. HFD N = 11–13 per group *P = 0.017). d Total number of visible tumors was assessed at sacrifice (LFD vs HFD *P = 0.0491; Vehicle (a) versus crizotinib (b) P = 0.0085)

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