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Table 3 Comparison of treatment modalities

From: Review of evolving etiologies, implications and treatment strategies for the superior vena cava syndrome

  Time to symptom relief % Chance of partial symptom relief Can be combined with other therapies? Treatment-associated mortality
Radiation Therapy 3–30 days (Armstrong et al. 1987; Mose et al. 2006; Ostler et al. 1997; Davenport et al. 1978; Rodrigues et al. 1993) 56–96 (Armstrong et al. 1987; Rodrigues et al. 1993) Yes Low
Chemotherapy 1–2 weeks (Rowell and Gleeson 2001) 59–77 (Rowell and Gleeson 2001) Yes Low
Stent placement 0–72 h (Hennequin et al. 1995; Rosch et al. 1992) 80–95 % (Uberoi 2006) Yes 3–4 % (Uberoi 2006)
  1. Properties of various treatment modalities used in superior vena cava syndrome