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Table 2 Kishi Scoring system

From: Review of evolving etiologies, implications and treatment strategies for the superior vena cava syndrome

Clinical signs (Lacout et al. 2012; Kishi et al. 1993) Weighting
Neurological signs
Awareness disorders or coma 4
Visual disorders, headache, vertigo or memory disorders 3
Mental disorders 2
Malaise 1
Thoracic or pharyngeal-laryngeal signs
Orthopnea or laryngeal edema 3
Stridor, dysphagia or dyspnea 2
Coughing or pleurisy 1
Facial signs
Lip edema, nasal obstruction or epistaxis 2
Facial edema 1
Vessel dilation
Neck, face or arms 1
  1. Presence of any of the symptoms in the left column give the points indicated in the right column. The total points are added to together. A score of 4 or higher indicates a need for percutaneous stent placement