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Table 1 Specific primers used for 3′ and 5′ RACE and corresponding products

From: Molecular cloning, structural and expression profiling of DlRan genes during somatic embryogenesis in Dimocarpus longan Lour.

Specific primers Products
Outer primer: RanF2
Nested primer: RanF3
Ran3′-1, Ran3′-2
Outer primer: RanF4
Nested primer: RanF5
Ran3′-3, Ran3′-4, Ran3′-5, Ran3′-6, Ran3′-7, Ran3′-8, Ran3′-9, Ran3′-10, Ran3′-11, Ran3′-12
Outer primer: RanF8
Nested primer: RanF9
Ran3′-13, Ran3′-14, Ran3′-15
Outer primer: RanR3
Nested primer: RanR4
Ran5′-1, Ran5′-2, Ran5′-3, Ran5′-4, Ran5′-5
Outer primer: RanR5
Nested primer: RanR6
Ran5′-6, Ran5′-7, Ran5′-8, Ran5′-9, Ran5′-10, Ran5′-11
Outer primer: RanR7
Nested primer: RanR8
Outer primer: RanR9
Nested primer: RanR10
Ran5′-13, Ran5′-14, Ran5′-15
Outer primer: RanR12
Nested primer: RanR13
Ran5′-16, Ran5′-17
Outer primer: RanR11
Nested primer: RanR13