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Table 1 Urease producing bacteria from various sources and amount of urease activity and calcite precipitation

From: Formations of calcium carbonate minerals by bacteria and its multiple applications

Bacteria Isolation site Urease activity Calcite precipitation References
Bacillus sp. CR2 Mine tailing soil Urumqi, China 432 U/ml 2.32 mg/cell mass (mg) Achal and Pan (2014)
L. sphaericus CH5 Abandoned express way and abandoned mining sites, Gangwondo, Korea 980 mg/100 ml Kang et al. (2014a)
Sporosarcinapasteurii Phenotypic mutant strain 550 U/ml Achal et al. (2009a)
B. pasteurii NCIM 2477 Culture obtained from NCIM, Pune, India 18 U/ml Sarada et al. (2009)
K. flava CR1 Mining ore soil, Urumqi, China 472 U/ml Achal et al. (2011)
B. megateriumSS3 Calcareous soil, Andhra Pradesh, India 690 U/ml 187 mg/100 ml Dhami et al. (2013b, 2014)
B. thuringiensis Calcareous soil, Andhra Pradesh, India 620 U/ml 167 mg/100 ml Dhami et al. (2013b)
Halomonassp. SR4 Mine tailing, China 374.5 U/ml Achal et al. (2012a, b, c)