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Table 3 Typical properties of modified, lightly-bound and heavily-bound materials

From: Occurrence of shale soils along the Calabar-Itu highway, Southeastern Nigeria and their implication for the subgrade construction

Material type Layer thickness (mm) UCS at 7- days (MPa) UCS at 28 days (MPa) Design resilient modulus (MPa)
Modified Applicable for any thickness ≤1.0 1.3 ≤1500
Lightly -bound Generally ≤ 250 mm 1–2.0 1.3–3.0 1500–2000
Heavily-bound Generally > 250 mm ≥2.0 ≥3.0 2000–20,000
  1. From AUSTROADS AP R434-13. For slow setting binder the 28 day test results will be less than the values shown but will continue to increase in the field for at least 6–12 months