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Table 1 Included studies

From: The effect of expectation on satisfaction in total knee replacements: a systematic review

Author Year Title Study design Sample size Time to follow up Measure of expectation Measure of satisfaction Analysis Link between expectation and satisfaction
Kiran et al. 2015 Variations in good patient reported outcomes after total knee arthroplasty Cohort 365 2 years Two questions on a 3 and 4 part Likert scale Global satisfaction (yes/no) Univariate No
Lingard et al. 2006 Patient expectations regarding total knee arthroplasty: differences among the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia Cohort 598 1 year Four questions on a 4 part likert scale Four questions using a four part likert scale Multivariate No
Mannion et al. 2009 The role of patient expectations in predicting outcome after total knee arthroplasty Cohort 87 2 years Three questions with free text and likert scale Global satisfaction four part likert Univariate and multivariate Univariate model—yes
Multivariate model—no
Vissers et al. 2010 Functional capacity and actual daily activity do not contribute to patient satisfaction after total knee arthroplasty Cohort 44 6 months Three questions on a four part likert scale Global satisfaction five part likert scale Univariate No