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Table 2 Case reports

From: Dermatoglyphics in kidney diseases: a review

Author Gender Age (years) Ethnicity Country Disease Kidney anomalies Dermatoglyphic variables
Case Parents
Hoo et al. (1974) M 14 month M = 30
F = 31
NR Germany The ring chromosome 13 Agenesis of right kidney Digital dermatoglyphics
  Right hand: query loop pattern in digit 1, UL in digit 2–5
  Left hand: query whorl pattern in digit 1, UL in digit 2–3, DL in digit 4, W in digit 4
  Both hands: TRC 113
Palmar dermatoglyphics
  Right hand:′-ttu-Lr.0.0.L.0
  Left hand: 11.X.7.3-ttu-Lr.
Plantar dermatoglyphics
  Right sole: Ld.0.Ld.0.0
  Left sole: Ld.0.Ld.0.0
Pettersen (1979) M 2 NR NR USA Trisomy 13 syndrome Horseshoe kidney with slight pyelocalyceal dilation glomerular and tubular cysts Digital dermatoglyphics
  Right hand: UL in digit 1, 3–4, RL in digit 2 and 5
Left hand: UL in digit 1, 3, 5, RL in digit 2, W in digit 4
Palmar dermatoglyphics
Right hand:  Inter digital areas t, t’’.0.W 0.0.Ld.0
Left hand: interdigital areas t, t’’.0 W 0.0.V.Ld.0
Plantar dermatoglyphics
  Right hallucal area: FS
  Left hallucal area: vFS
Crawfurd et al. (1966) Male karyotype Stillborn M = 29 NR UK Sirenomelia The kidneys, ureters, and bladder were apparently absent, a small round pink structure of 0.5 cm. Posterior wall of the pelvis. Well-defined cortex and medulla, many of the glomeruli appeared immature, and the tubules and collecting ducts were poorly formed with a few microcysts Digital dermatoglyphics
  Right hand: W in all five fingers
Left hand: W in digit 1–4, UL in digit 5
Palmar dermatoglyphics
  Right hand: 3rd interdigitalpattern, a single axial triradius in the usual t position, no thenar pattern
  Left hand: 3rd and a 4th inter digital pattern, a similar single axial triradius to that on the right, no thenar pattern
  Dermatoglyphics on abnormal limb ridges were poorly formed, running in horizontal circles proximally, longitudinal lines distally with a single central triradius at the junction of the circular and longitudinal ridges
Iwama et al. (1987) M 4 months M = 28
F = 26
NR Japan Kabuki makeup syndrome Megaureter and hypo-plastic L-shaped kidneys Digital dermatoglyphics
  Right hand: UL in all fingers
  Left hand: UL in digit 2–5, W in digit 1
Palmar dermatoglyphics
  Right hand: hypothenar loop pattern, absence of digital triradius c and d
  Left hand: hypothenar loop pattern, absence of digital triradius c and d
Jancar (1969) M 33 (calculated) NR NR UK Potter’s syndrome Large right sided hydroneprosis with considerable loss of renal tissue, Congenital stricture of upper ureter with kink at pelvi-ureteric junction, chronic pyelonephritis observed during the study Digital dermatoglyphics
  Right hand: UL in 3–5, RL in 2, W in 1
  Left hand: UL in 1, 4 and 5, RL in 3, TA in 2
  Both hands: TRC = 64
  1. NR not reported, A arch, W whorl, UL ulnar loop, RL radial loop, DL double loop, TRC total finger ridge count, MLF main line formula, M male, F Female