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Table 1 Results for correlation coefficient (r) and p value (p)

From: Experimental vitamin B12 deficiency in a human subject: a longitudinal investigation of the performance of the holotranscobalamin (HoloTC, Active-B12) immunoassay

Figure Analytes N r p
1b Total B12 and HoloTC 95 0.70 2.9 × 10−15
2b MMA and HoloTC 52 −0.52 7.6 × 10−5
3b tHcy and HoloTC 52 −0.45 9.2 × 10−4
4b Total B12 and MMA 55 −0.67 2.9 × 10−8
  1. N = number of concurrent test results for each analyte pair, r = Pearson’s correlation coefficient between analyte concentrations, p = p value = probability of obtaining the result ≥r, for N concurrent test results, if there is no actual linear correlation between analyte concentrations and that the apparent correlation is due to random chance