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Table 1 Sampling location index and co-ordinates

From: Natural radioactivity levels in soils, rocks and water at a mining concession of Perseus gold mine and surrounding towns in Central Region of Ghana

Location index and descriptions Co-ordinates
Location index Description Latitude Longitude
P1 Open pit named Chirawewa 5°56′25.17″N 1°53′29.58″W
P2 Open pit named Bokiti 5°56′53.43″N 1°54′08.68″W
P3 Open pit named Small Fetish 5°57′05.83″N 1°53′39.36″W
P4 Open pit named Big Fetish 5°56′53.43″N 1°54′09.68″W
P5 Open pit named Esuajah North 5°58′07.76″N 1°53′31.31″W
P6 Open pit named Esuajah South 5°57′50.95″N 1°54′01.20″W
T1-SW Wampem community surface water 5°58′20.39″N 1°52′46.33″W
T1-GW Wampem community ground water 5°58′27.89″N 1°52′30.58″W
T1-GW2 Wampem community ground water 5°58′25.68″N 1°52′21.02″W
T2-SW Ayanfuri community surface water 5°57′57.79″N 1°53′41.25″W
T2-GW Ayanfuri community ground water 5°58′03.74″N 1°53′47.56″W
T3-SW Gyaman community surface water 5°58′30.08″N 1°54′36.22″W
T3-GW Gyaman community surface water 5°58′49.17″N 1°54′46.09″W
T4-GW Nkonya community ground water 5°55′51.24″ 1°55′26.92″
T5-SW Odumkrom community surface water 5°59′10.91″N 1°53′31.70″W
S1 Stream within the mine concession 5°56′51.17″N 1°54′19.13″W
S2 Stream within the mine concession   
S3 Stream within the mine concession 5°56′09.51″N 1°55′18.59″W
S4 Stream within the mine concession   
S5 Stream within the mine concession 5°59′08.46″N 1°53′20.53″W
S6 Stream within the mine concession 5°56′34.09″N 1°54′15.72″W
R Residence of mine workers 5°56′16.69″N 1°54′18.90″W
R-GW1 Borehole at the residence   
R-GW2 Borehole at the residence   
O7 An ore from Bokiti pit   
O8 An ore from Fetish pit