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Table 3 Basic harmonized attributes used in the practical example

From: Evolutionary approach to violating group anonymity using third-party data

Index Name Type Values
\(b_1\) Age O 000—Less than 1 year old, \(1\dots 130\)—1 to 130 years, 135—135
\(b_2\) Educational attainment [general version] C 00—N/A or no schooling, 01—Nursery school to grade 4, 02—Grade 5, 6, 7, or 8, 03—Grade 9, 04—Grade 10, 05—Grade 11, 06—Grade 12, 07—1 year of college, 08—2 years of college, 09—3 years of college, 10—4 years of college, 11—5+ years of college
\(b_3\) Sex C 1—Male, 2—Female
\(b_4\) Race [general version] C 1—White, 2—Black/Negro, 3—American Indian or Alaska Native, 4—Chinese, 5—Japanese, 6—Other Asian or Pacific Islander, 7—Other race, nec, 8—Two major races, 9—Three or more major races
\(b_5\) Usual hours worked per week O 00—N/A, \(01\ldots 98\)—1 to 98 h worked per week, 99—99 (Topcode)
\(b_6\) Hispanic origin [general version] C 0—Not Hispanic, 1—Mexican, 2—Puerto Rican, 3 —Cuban, 4—Other, 9—Not Reported
\(b_7\) Marital status C 1—Married, spouse present, 2—Married, spouse absent, 3—Separated, 4—Divorced, 5—Widowed, 6—Never married/single
\(b_8\) Means of transportation to work C 00—N/A, 10—Auto, truck, or van, 11—Auto, 12—Driver, 13—Passenger, 14—Truck, 15—Van, 20—Motorcycle, 30—Bus or streetcar, 31—Bus or trolley bus, 32—Streetcar or trolley car, 33—Subway or elevated, 34—Railroad, 35—Taxicab, 36—Ferryboat, 40—Bicycle, 50—Walked only, 60—Other, 70—Worked at home
\(b_9\) Time of departure for work O 0000—N/A, other values report the time usually leaving for work last week (12:01 a.m. is coded as 0001, and 11:59 p.m. is coded as 2359)
\(b_{10}\) Travel time to work O 000—N/A, other values are amounts of time, in minutes, it took to get to work last week
\(b_{11}\) Weeks worked last year, intervalled C 0—N/A, 1—1–13 weeks, 2—14–26 weeks, 3—27–39 weeks, 4—40–47 weeks, 5—48–49 weeks, 6—50–52 weeks
\(b_{12}\) Total personal income O A 7-digit numeric code reporting each respondent’s total pre-tax personal income or losses from all sources for the previous year
\(b_{13}\) Speaks English C 0—N/A (Blank), 1 —Does not speak English, 2—Yes, speaks English..., 3—Yes, speaks only English, 4—Yes, speaks very well, 5—Yes, speaks well, 6 —Yes, but not well, 7—Unknown, 8—Illegible