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Table 1 Details of finger millet genotypes collected from different geographical regions used for the analysis of genetic diversity using genomic SSR markers

From: Assessment of genetic diversity, population structure and relationships in Indian and non-Indian genotypes of finger millet (Eleusine coracana (L.) Gaertn) using genomic SSR markers

Varieties Source country Varieties Source country Varieties Source country Varieties Source country
APSKK-1 India SVK-1 India IE-2957 Germany IE-4795 Zimbabwe
CO- (RA) 14 India T-CHIN-1 India IE-3045 India IE-4797 Maldives
CO-(NO)-1 India T-CUM-1 India IE-3077 India IE-4816 India
CO-11 India THRV-P India IE-3104 India IE-5066 Senegal
CO-12 India THRV-PP India IE-3317 Zimbabwe IE-5091 Zimbabwe
CO-7 India TRY-1 India IE-3391 Zimbabwe IE-5106 Zimbabwe
CO-9 India VIJAYAWADA India IE-3392 Zimbabwe IE-5201 India
GPU-26 India VL-149 India IE-3470 India IE-5306 Zimbabwe
GPU-28 India VR-708 India IE-3475 India IE-5367 Kenya
GPU-45 India THRP-1 India IE-3614 NA IE-5537 Nepal
GPU-46 India IE-501 India IE-3618 NA IE-5817 Nepal
GPU-48 India IE-518 India IE-3721 Uganda IE-5870 Nepal
GPU-66 India IE-1055 NA IE-3945 Uganda IE-6059 Nepal
GPU-67 India IE-2034 India IE-3952 Uganda IE-6082 Nepal
HOSUR-1 India IE-2042 India IE-3973 Uganda IE-6154 Nepal
HR-374 India IE-2043 India IE-4028 Uganda IE-6165 Nepal
HR-911 India IE-2217 India IE-4057 Uganda IE-6221 Nepal
INDOF-5 India IE-2296 India IE-4073 Uganda IE-6240 Zimbabwe
INDOF-7 India IE-2312 India IE-4121 Uganda IE-6294 Zimbabwe
INDOF-8 India IE-2430 Kenya IE-4329 Zimbabwe IE-6326 Zimbabwe
INDOF-9 India IE-2437 Kenya IE-4491 Zimbabwe IE-6337 Zimbabwe
KM-252 India IE-2457 Kenya IE-4497 Zimbabwe IE-6350 Zimbabwe
KMR-301 India IE-2572 Kenya IE-4545 Zimbabwe IE-6421 Uganda
L-5 India IE-2589 USA IE-4565 Zimbabwe IE-6473 Uganda
M6-6 India IE-2606 Malawi IE-4570 Zimbabwe IE-6514 Zimbabwe
ML-365 India IE-2619 Malawi IE-4622 Zimbabwe IE-6537 Nigeria
MR-1 India IE-2710 Malawi IE-4646 Zimbabwe IE-7018 Kenya
MR-2 India IE-2790 Malawi IE-4671 India IE-7079 Kenya
PAIYUR-2 India IE-2821 Nepal IE-4673 India IE-7320 Kenya
PES-110 India IE-2871 Zambia IE-4709 Burundi KRI007-01 India
PR-202 India IE-2872 Zambia IE-4734 India DPI009-04 India
RAU-8 India IE-2911 Zambia IE-4757 India KRI13-11 India