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Table 1 Questions that were emerged from observations made from a third-person view and require answers to explain their functional attributes towards the first-person property of perception

From: A framework for the first-person internal sensation of visual perception in mammals and a comparable circuitry for olfactory perception in Drosophila

1. Why are the ORNs active spontaneously?
2. Why is this not making a fundamental limit on the ability of downstream neurons to detect transient odor stimuli?
3. What mechanism causes specific percepts to be formed?
4. What are  the functions of ELNs?
5. Why are PN odor responses so sensitive to weak inputs and why are they so reliable?
6. Why would it be useful to segregate each ORN type into a different glomerulus?
7. What dictates the innate hedonic valence of a particular pattern of PN activity?
8. What type of computations take place in the glomeruli?
9. Why do neurons in KC cells oscillate?
10. How does the fly enjoy good percepts?