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Fig. 2

From: Brief report of the construction of infectious DNA clones of South African genetic variants of grapevine virus A and grapevine virus B

Fig. 2

General strategy of construction of DNA clones of a GVA and b GVB genetic variants P163-M5 and 953-1, respectively. Numbers I–VI describe RT-PCR amplified CaMV 35S promoter and virus genome fragments using primers which nucleotide sequences are shown it Table 1. The fragments III-VI were cloned into the TA site of pGEM-T Easy vector (Promega) (single dashed line) and then assembled in this vector using carefully selected restriction enzymes to digest the vector and virus sequences. The open arrows show the sequence of the assembling of virus fragments in the vector. Closed arrows show the stages of ligation of virus fragments to obtain full-length DNA clones of viruses under CaMV 35S promoter

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