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Table 3 Categorization of current studies

From: A comprehensive review on privacy preserving data mining

References PPDM Hide association rule Distortion method Classification method Clustering method Associative classification Outsource data mining Association rule Distributed method K-anonymity Parameters
Matwin (2013)           Privacy
Vatsalan et al. (2013)           Privacy
Qi and Zong (2012)           Privacy
Raju et al. (2009)           Privacy
Malina and Hajny (2013), Sachan et al. (2013)           Privacy
Mukkamala and Ashok (2011)          Privacy
Weng et al. 2008)           Privacy and efficiency
Dehkordi et al. 2009)           Security, privacy and utility
Gkoulalas-Divanis and Verykios (2009)           Efficiency
Li et al. (2009b)           Privacy
Kasthuri and Meyyappan (2013)           Privacy
Quoc et al. (2013)           Privacy
Domadiya and Rao (2013)           Efficient
Kamakshi (2012)           Privacy and utility
Zhang et al. (2012a)           Privacy
Zhang et al. (2012b)           Privacy
Li et al. (2009a)           Privacy
Kamakshi and Meyyappan (2010)           Privacy
Islam and Brankovic (2011)           Privacy
Wang and Lee (2008)           Accuracy, efficiency, and privacy
Xiong et al. 2006)           Privacy
Singh et al. (2010)           Privacy and efficiency
Baotou (2010)           Privacy
Vaidya et al. (2008)           Privacy
Kantarcıoglu and Vaidya (2003)           Privacy and accuracy
Sathiyapriya and Sadasivam (2013)           Security and privacy
Yi and Zhang (2013)           Accuracy and privacy
Raghuram and Gyani (2012)           Performance, scalability and execution time
Lin and Lo (2013)           Privacy, efficiency, and effective
Harnsamut and Natwichai (2008)           Privacy and efficient
Seisungsittisunti and Natwichai (2011)           Privacy
Giannotti et al. (2013)           Security and privacy
Worku et al. (2014)           Security and privacy
Arunadevi and Anuradha (2014)           Security and privacy
Lai et al. (2014)           Security and privacy
Kerschbaum and Julien (2008)           Privacy and performance
Shrivastava et al. (2011)           Efficiency and security
Vijayarani et al. (2010a)           Privacy and utility
Aggarwal and Yu (2008)           Privacy
Belwal et al. (2013)           Privacy
Jain et al. (2011)           Privacy
Naeem et al. (2010)           Privacy and accuracy
Li and Liu (2009)           Efficiency
Ying-hua et al. (2011)           Privacy
Li (2013)           Privacy
Dev et al. (2012)           Privacy
Tassal (2014)           Privacy
Chan and Keng (2013)           Privacy
Dong and Kresman (2009)           Privacy
Aggarwal et al. (2005)           Privacy
Xu and Yi (2011)           Privacy
Inan and Saygin (2010)           Privacy
Nanavati and Jinwala (2012)           Privacy
Agrawal and Srikant (2000)           Privacy and efficient
Wang et al. (2010)           Privacy and performance
Nguyen et al. (2012)           Privacy and an effective
Om Kumar et al. (2013)           Privacy
Mokeddem and Belbachir (2010)           Privacy and accuracy
Ibrahim et al. (2012)           Privacy and efficiency
Patel et al. (2012)           Privacy
Kumbhar and Kharat (2012)           Privacy, accuracy and efficiency
Nix et al. (2012)           Privacy
Keshavamurthy et al. (2013)           Accuracy and privacy
Wang et al. (2004), Machanavajjhala et al. (2007)           Privacy
Loukides et al. (2012), Wang et al. (2004)           Privacy, efficiency, accuracy and utility
Friedman et al. (2008), Loukides and Gkoulalas-divanis (2012)           Privacy and utility
Ciriani et al. (2008)           Privacy
He et al. (2011), Friedman et al. 2008)           Privacy and utility
Patil and Patankar (2013), He et al. (2011)           quality of anonymity and reduce the information loss
Zhu and Chen (2012), Patil and Patankar 2013)           Privacy
Soodejani et al. (2012, Zhu and Chen (2012)           Privacy
Karim et al. (2012), Soodejani et al. (2012)           Privacy
Loukides et al. (2012), Karim et al. (2012)           Privacy
Vijayarani et al. (2010a, b), (Loukides et al. 2012)           Privacy
Nergiz et al. (2009), Xu and Yi (2011)           Privacy, utility and effectiveness
Tai et al. (2013), Vijayarani et al. (2010b)           Privacy and efficiency
Tai et al. (2010, 2013)           Privacy
Pan et al. (2012), Tai et al. (2010)           Privacy
Deivanai et al. (2011), Pan et al. (2012)           Privacy
Monreale et al. (2014), Deivanai et al. (2011)           Privacy
Nergiz and Gök (2014), Nergiz et al. (2013), Monreale et al. (2014)           Privacy, utility and accuracy
Zhang et al. (2013a, 2014a), Nergiz et al. (2013)           Privacy and scalable
Zhang et al. (2014a)           Privacy and scalability
Zhang et al. (2013a, b), Zhang et al. (2014a)           Privacy, scalability and efficiency
Ding et al. (2013), Zhang et al. (2013c)           Privacy