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Table 8 GPET. Assessment criteria for the off-ball attacker: losing one’s defender

From: Review of the tactical evaluation tools for youth players, assessing the tactics in team sports: football

Off-ball attacker Decision making Appropriate decisions (1) The player tries to Occupy/stay in a free area, at an appropriate passing distance and in passing line Make a feint, creating a passing line Inappropriate decisions (0) The player Occupies a position close to an opponent Occupies the penetration space of a partner with ball Is static, marking, and does not allow a pass Commits an offense: offensive foul or stepping into a prohibited area (goal area) Is situated at an inadequate distance for the passer’s possibilities
Execution Successful executions (1) Leave his marker behind Adopts a free position on a possible free pass lane Unsuccessful executions (0) Does not get away from his marker Remains static and does not allow for a pass from teammate when there is an opportunity
  1. Note It is understood not to be necessary to be getting away from markers continuously, but it is necessary when a partner needs it or when the player is marked